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Information for students

Who can attend?

The SeSE courses are open for PhD students (of any nationality) enrolled in a graduate programme at a swedish or nordic university. The courses are offered free of charge, with the exception of PDC summer school.  Before taking any action, verify with your supervisor that the course contents is suitable for your graduate studies. Register to the course by completing the online form on the SeSE course web page.

If you are not a PhD student, or a PhD student in a non-nordic country, you may in some situations still be allowed to attend SeSE-courses. Contact the teacher of the course and ask if the course is fully booked.

Course concept

Most SeSE-courses correspond to five (ECTS) credits and have a particular format.

  • One week of preparatory work, e.g., literature studies, carried out at the university where the student is enrolled (home university)
  • One week on site, typically at the university of the teacher. Normally, the course starts Monday at lunch and end Friday at lunch.
  • One  week of work after the course is completed, typically project work and examination

See also the format description in the SeSE mission statement.

Travel and accommodation support

SeSE has reserved considerable funding to support travel and accommodation expenses for students attending SeSE courses. PhD students enrolled in a graduate programme at a nordic university (home university) attending a course in a city different from the city of the home university, can request travel and accommodation support. PhD students from non-nordic countries and post-docs cannot receive travel and accommodation support. The maximum amount for travel and accommodation support is 10 000 SEK per person and course. Students travelling between Uppsala and Stockholm can only get travel support (no hotel costs). Procedure:

  • When registering for the course, check the box “I wish to apply for a travel support”. If you need a definitive decision about the travel and accommodation support before the course takes place, please send an email to the SeSE director of studies with your name and the course name.
  • Directly after the course has taken place, contact the administration at your home university and ask them to initiate a university-to-university transfer by sending a “requisition”, (“rekvisition” in swedish), i.e., a particular type of bill. They may want to follow this template for resebidragsrekvisition.pdf. The requisition should be sent to

Uppsala Universitet
737 84 Fagersta
Referens: 139SKE
Kontaktperson: Jolla Kullgren

  • Apply for reimbursement using the procedures for travels at your home university.
  • A copy of the receipts used for the reimbursement at your home university is required by the SeSE administration for accounting purposes. 

For students enrolled at Uppsala University, no requisition is necessary as it can be handled with UU-internal billing system.

Via bokföringsorder i Raindance-portalen
Ange SESE samt medarbetares namn som Huvudtext.

Skickas till org. 139, användare: ACU
Underlag i bokföringsordern:

  • analyslista ifrån Raindance på kostnaden
  • Reseräkningsnumret skrivet i “pennan”

Credits and accreditation

You are entitled to a number of ECTS credits if you have attended and passed the examination of SeSE-courses. No credits are given for SeSE-workshops. If the course takes place at a university different from your home university, you normally need to follow an accreditation procedure (“tillgodoräknande”) in order to use it in your PhD-studies. Different universities have different procedures for accreditation. If you need a certificate (examensbevis) in order to get accreditation, please ask the SeSE-teacher to generate such a certificate, e.g., following the instructions on information for teachers.

Links to accreditation procedures at different universities: KI, Linköping Universitet (math. dept), Uppsala universitet,   KTH (SCI-school), KTH (ICT-school).  If you know of corresponding useful links to procedures at Umeå university,  Lund University, Luleå tekniska universitet, Chalmers tekniska högskola, etc,  please let us know such that we can add them here.