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Scientific Visualisation Workshop 2014

Welcome to this workshop on scientific visualisation organised by  SeSE and SNIC-UPPMAX!

Participation is free of charge. No previous knowledge of Python or VTK (The Visualization Toolkit) is required.

You will learn how to make 3D visualisations using Python.  The basics of Python and VTK will be covered the first day. You will get hands on exercises in both Python and VTK, which is the Visualization Toolkit that we use for making both simple and advanced visualisations. This year we have a focus on stereo, so you will get some presentations about stereo visualisations in our 3D lab: 3DIS4U (Room 2115, house 2, Polacksbacken, Uppsala)

Thursday 27 November
09:30-10:15, Introduction to Python, Johan
10:15-10:45, Coffee break and presentation of participants and stereo examples, Fredrik
10:45-11:30, Introduction to VTK, Johan
11:30-11:45, Introduction to the Tutorial.
11:45-13:15, Lunch on your own
13:15-16:00, Exercises Python and VTK, with coffee break at 14:30

In this exercise you will go through some examples in the online VTK Tutorial. If you have not installed VTK on your computer, you  have the opportunity to get help with that!
Please read through the Introduction and do the exercises. If you feel that you need more python skills then look here and here, or why not Pythons own tutorial. The continue with this exercise and then this one. When you have come so far you should look around to see what help you can get from the tutorial. Then you can go on to do this lab. Please not that if you have done the exercises and are acquainted with the tutorial, then the lab will be a “piece of cake”!


Friday 28 November
09:15-09:45, VTK and Paraview, Johan
09:45-10:15, Visualisation Techniques, Anders
10:15-11:00, Coffee break and live stereo presentations, Pontus
11:00-11:45, Introduction to stereo, Stefan
11:45-13:15, Lunch on your own

13:15-16:00, Exercises VTK with coffee break at 14:30

If you did not finish yesterdays lab, you should not worry! Please continue where you stopped. It is better to learn a few things well, than not learning many things! If you feel ready then you can go through these exercises. Afterwards, you can go on an do this lab. Please remember to use the tutorial when you get stuck!


All lectures will be held in room 2115, house 2, floor 1, Polacksbacken, Uppsala. And the Exercises are held in 2315D, which is located in the same house, but on floor 3.

For more information contact: anders.hast@it.uu.se


This workshop is limited to 20 participants so please register asap! Please notify us in the case you are not able to come so the persons on the reserve list can get your place.


The workshop is now full and registration is no longer possible.