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Numerical Solution of Initial Boundary Value Problems, 3 credits


The syllabus contains more information on the aim and content of the course.

General Motivation

The course is of interest to PhD students who

  • are interested in advanced knowledge of the numerical treatment of Initial Boundary Value Problems (IBVP’s).
  • are interested in summation-by-parts operators (SBP) and weak boundary conditions (SAT) for high order finite difference methods.
  • are oriented towards application using IBVP’s. They  will get hints on how to distinguish between numerical errors and physical events.

Course schedule

The compact lecture week is 16 — 18 September 2013 at Linköping University.


Send an e-mail to kegus@kth.se with the following information:

  • SeSE, BVP
  • Name
  • e-mail (You must use your university email address, not gmail, yahoo, hotmail etc.)
  • Affiliation
  • Supervisor
  • Subject of PhD-project.

Indicate also if you apply for a travel grant.

Deadline for application: 6 September 2013.