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Computational Python

Learning outcomes

After having completed the course the student will be able to use python scripts for tasks involving

  • numerical problems using object orientational principles,advanced datastructures, classes and overloading operators
  • scripts for parameter studies with external software
  • extract information from unformatted data files
  • interfaces with numerical packages blas and lapack
  • interfaces with compiled languages
  • graphical interfaces

Course main content

Basics of python and its relation to perl and awk; Numerical python (numpy); Interfaces with Fortan and C; GUI programming; Data handling


Basic knowledge of numerical ananlysis and computer science. Basic knowledge of UNIX.


  • Hans-Petter Langtangen: Python scripting in computational science, 3rd edition (2007)
  • Lecture notes

Course schedule

Lecture week: Stockholm, Oct. 17 – Oct. 21, 2016


Olav Vahtras, KTH
E-mail: vahtras@kth.se,   Phone +46 8 790 9604