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Introduction to Climate modeling I & II

The “Introduction to Climate modeling I & II” graduate course in Stockholm is open for applications.

Introduction to Scientific Computing II

The “Introduction to Scientific Computing II” graduate course in Lund is now open for applications.

Scientific Visualisation course 2018

This year’s Scientific Visualisation course will be held from 26-th to 30-th of November in Uppsala,
with specially invited guest-lecturer, Alex Telea, who is the author of the course book “Data Visualization: Principles and Practice” on which the course is based itself.

The Scientific Visualisation course deals with methods that offer a way to see the unseen, how to select appropriate methods for a given data set, possibilities and limitations with methods, and how to use visualisation toolkits. During the course, you will learn to explore your data interactively in 3D or programmatically using ParaView – an open-source, multi-platform data analysis and visualisation application. While ParaView platform is developed for quick build of visualisations and data analysis using qualitative and quantitative techniques the tool is also well suited for analysis of extremely large datasets using distributed memory computing resources.
For more information on the content, schedule and how to apply for the course, please visit the course web page at http://sese.nu/scientific-visualisation-2018

Foundations of numerical optimization

The new graduate course “Foundations of numerical optimization” is open for applications.

Courses Autumn 2018

Courses for the Autumn 2018 semester are announced.

Courses Autumn 2015

Courses for the Autumn 2015 semester are announced.

The SNIC User Forum 2014

The SNIC User Forum 2014

The Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing (SNIC) and Swedish e-Science Education (SeSE) welcomes all users of SNIC infrastructure to attend the SNIC User Forum meeting of 2014. The meeting will take place in Linköping on December 15–16 from lunch to lunch, and registration for the event is open for all users of SNIC resources. The event page can be found at https://www.nsc.liu.se/support/Events/SNIC_user_forum_2014/

Python for MATLAB users

Python for MATLAB users

Welcome to this workshop on python programming intended for researchers familiar with MATLAB. The course includes basic as well as advanced topics in python programming. No previous knowledge in python is necessary. The course will take place at KTH, Stockholm and is free of charge.

For more information and registration see:

Python for matlab users

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Scientific Visualisation Workshop 2014

Scientific Visualisation Workshop 2014

Organised by SeSE and SNIC-UPPMAX. Participation is free of charge. No previous knowledge of Python or VTK (The Visualization Toolkit) is required.

You will learn how to make 3D visualisations using Python. The basics of Python and VTK will be covered the first day. You will get hands on exercises in both Python and VTK, which is the Visualization Toolkit that we use for making both simple and advanced visualisations. This year we have a focus on stereo, so you will get some presentations about stereo visualisations in our 3D lab: 3DIS4U (Room 2115, house 2, Polacksbacken, Uppsala)

For more information and registration go to:

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Winter School in Multiscale Modeling


Swedish  e‐Science  Education
Winter  School  in  Multiscale  Modeling
December  1‐12  2014

Multiscale simulations in modern chemical, biological and materials sciences are widespread and in many areas of research are considered to be an essential tool for a microscopic understanding of physical phenomena behind experimental observations. The biannual winter school on multiscale modeling will bring together world leading researchers and graduate students to present, discuss and solve problems in various areas of research involving multiple scales. This year's program is focused on ab initio correlated, empirical valence bond theory, quantum mechanics/molecular mechanics, and coarse grain molecular dynamics methods and their applications in biochemistry and catalysis.

Invited  Teachers:

Prof.  dr.  Frank  Neese
Director  of  the  MPI  for  Chemical
Energy  Conversion
Mülheim  an  der  Ruhr,  Germany
Prof.  dr.  Jeremy  Harvey
Katholieke  Universiteit  Leuven
Leuven,  Belgium
Prof.  dr.  Siewert‐Jan  Marrink
University  of  Groningen
Groningen,  Netherlands
Dr.  Lynn  Kamerlin
Uppsala  University
Uppsala,  Sweden

Registration: The school is open for all PhD students in Chemistry, Physics, Numerical Analysis, and Computational Science. To   register please visit the winter school website http://sese.nu/multiscale-2014/.

Registration  deadline    –  November 15  2014.
For more information contact Dr. Zilvinas Rinkevicius, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden (rinkevic@kth.se).


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