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Topics in CFD

The course has been cancelled and postponed to the autumn semester.

Learning outcomes

An in-depth course on numerical methods for computer simulation of fluid flows.


Basic fluid dynamics (governing equations) Basic numerics (types of equations, stability, convergence) Analysis of discretized equations: consistency, CFL condition Compressible flows: conservation equations, types of errors, shock tube Incompressible flows: Finite volume methods, Laplace equation on arbitrary grids, staggered meshes, divergence free condition Linear systems and high-order compact finite differences Project work: 2D Navier-Stokes solver in Matlab


Basic knowledge of (fluid) mechanics, programming (e.g. in Matlab) and numerics.


Numerical Computation of Internal & External Flows, Charles Hirsch, Butterworth-Heinemann, Second Edition, ISBN: 978-0-7506-6594-0. Computational Fluid Dynamics, John D. Anderson, Jr., McGraw-Hill, 1995

Selected articles

S. K. Lele, Compact finite difference schemes with spectral-like resolution, JCP 103 (1992)
M. Svärd, J. Gong, J. Nordström, An accuracy evaluation of unstructured node-centred finite volume methods, Appl. Num. Math. 58 (2008)


  • 1 week pre-study exercises 12-16 May 2014
  • 1 week lectures and hands-on 19-23 May 2014 at KTH Royal Institute of Technology
  • 1 week project assignment 26-30 May 2014


Philipp Schlatter (pschlatt@mech.kth.se) Ardeshir Hanifi (ardeshir.hanifi@foi.se)


Send an e-mail to pschlatt@mech.kth.se with the following information:

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Deadline for registration: 10 April 2014