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SeSE gives courses in the field of e-Science for PhD-students within the Swedish academia.

We provide basic training in fields where the use of e-Science is emerging and where education can have an immense impact on the research, and also advanced training for students in fields that are already computer-intensive. The courses are intended for PhD students in the nordic countries.

SeSE is a collaboration between the e-Science graduate schools NGSSC and KCSE, in collaboration with the national research initiatives within e-Science, eSSENCE and SeRC.

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Hairpin flow


The intricate behaviour of turbulence in fluids appearing both in nature and technical applications has fascinated scientists and laymen alike for centuries. In particular numerical simulations on high-performance computers using new numerical algorithms provide crucial insights into the dynamics of vortices of various sizes. The visualisation shows the initial stages of a turbulent boundary layer, as e.g. appearing on the first centimetres on an airplane wing. You may watch a video of the above visualisation.